1964 Jaguar E-type Roadster - Page 3

VIN number: 880465
Cream with red interior

June 2007: I fired up the engine ... it runs! I still need to do the brakes, clutch hydraulics and other "minor" things before the car is mobile.

September 2007: I have been busy restoring the Maserati Mistral spyder and the Jaguar went to the back burner. I am determined to get this car finished before the end of the year and have started to put the interior back together.

December 2007: I will miss the goal of completing the car by the end of the year, but I have made much progress. The bonnet is installed, brakes work, Dunlop SP Sport tires were fitted on new wire wheels, windshield was installed and a few additional interior trim pieces were installed. Best of all the car is now mobile! Although not ready for prime time it cam now be moved by its own power.

January 2008: I've dedicated time to finishing the Jaguar and I am getting close to the end! The engine compartment is mostly done. Headlight scoops and glass are installed. Soft top frame is painted and installed. Radio console was completed. Dash is done, although not installed. I drove the car around the block today, first time it has been driven in many, many years. Engine sounds good, brakes do not ... need to look at them.

February 2008: Interior is mostly done, just needs to have the soft top installed. Engine sounds sweeter every time I drive it. I am seriously thinking of selling this Jaguar when I'm done and using the funds to restore the 1959 Maserati Vignale spyder. It is a tough decision after spending so many hours on this car but I have really enjoyed seeing this one come back together and it is time to move on.

Click here for photos of the "almost done" Jaguar

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