1966 Jaguar E-type Series 1 4.2 Coupe

VIN: 1E31428

This 1966 Jaguar e-type fixed head coupe (2 person coupe, not a 2+2) has always been garaged all of its life in Alabama and Georgia and therefore is in excellent rust free condition. This is a great car for someone looking for an honest e-type he can use as is and make better over time.

It has its original matching numbers 4.2 liter engine with the fully synchronized four speed gearbox. White with red interior is the car’s original color combination.

This car was “restored” in the early 1980’s when these cars were not worth much. Some of the work was not done to the standards we see in current Jaguar restorations. Luckily most things were left original and untouched and overall this would make a great car if a few things are addressed.

Body: The body of the e-type is the most important thing to check on these cars. The only sign of rust repairs I have found is on the driver’s side front floor dip well. Jaguar did not put drain holes on the dip wells and they are notorious for rusting. Most e-types by now have had their dip wells replaced. On this car there must have been some rusting of the driver’s side dip well as it was reinforced with fiberglass. The repair was done in the early 1980’s and has held very well. I would eventually put in a new dip well as I do not like fiberglass repairs, but understand this is not a panel that has any structure significant and the replacement would be for cosmetic reasons. Replacement dip wells are currently available for about $50 (yes, that is not a typo). The rest of the body is in really good condition. I removed the seats to check on the rear floors and found them to be very good. The same thing is true of the trunk floor, doors, rockers and bonnet. Body gaps are very good, especially in the door and rear lid which are trouble areas on many e-type.

Paint: This is by far the weakest part of the car. The body preparation was not great and they could have done a much better job at block sanding the car prior to paint. The car was painted with Imron which has great durability but tends to have a lot of orange peel and not enough depth. Also, white is a great color for an e-type but it looks better when it is has a creamer shade. With a proper paint job this car would experience a major transformation. Do not get me wrong, it is not like the paint is falling off the car, I just think with everything else so good on this car a decent paint job is a worthwhile investment.

Chrome: Most of the chrome is in very good condition. The only ones I might consider chroming are the two rear bumpers and this would be when the car is be repainted. The right left rear bumper overrider is dinged and it would be easier to replace it at the same time. The most important chrome are all the trim parts around the windshield, back glass and on the body itself. Those trim pieces are in excellent condition. Wire wheels are in very good condition.

Mechanicals: It is the original matching numbers engine and it runs great. Engine starts right up and has good oil pressure. Clutch has very few miles on it. Gearbox shifts well. Rear brakes (which are a pain to do) and shocks were recently done. The exhaust system is new. Tires are new. The prior owner was mechanically inclined and kept the car mechanically in very good condition.

Interior: The interior shows some wear, as to be expected on a 34 year old car, but has a very nice patina. The most wear is on the driver’s seat bottom. The dash top is very nice without cracks. Door panels are very nice. I would leave the interior as is.

Upgrades: the engine has a few sensible upgrades. A more reliable American alternator was installed as was a Pertronix electronic ignition. A multi-blade electric radiator fan replaces the anemic factory 2 blade fan. A spin on oil filter conversion kit was installed making it easier (and less messy) to do oil changes. .

Documentation: This car comes with extensive ownership and service documentation from new. This includes the seldom seen document which assigned this car from Jaguar Cars to the dealer in Atlanta that sold the car to its original owner in Alabama. The prior owner was the third and he owned the car since 1983.

This is a great car for someone looking for a no stories e-type at a reasonable price that can be made better over time.shop manual and owners manual.


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