1967 Jaguar e-type series 1 4.2 roadster

October 2009. These photos show the car essentially in the condition I purchased it. I removed the bumpers and tail lights to have them chromed. The soft top frame was also removed to have it detailed. Please note that the paint has not be buffed.

Original engine was rebuilt. Engine compartment is clean. I need to polish the carbs and cam covers. The air cleaner, which is not shown in the photos, has been properly painted with silver hammertone paint.

Since there is no interior this is an excellent opportunity to check the integrity of the body. The inner sills are in excellent condition.

Bumpers, tail lights and several trim pieces were just chromed to show standards.

November 2009

I did not like how the paint on the boot floor so I had the color matched and the floor painted. The car's floor were also painted, even though they are going to be covered with Dynamat and then carpeting.

The exhaust tips that were fitted were for a series 2. I replaced the tips with the proper ones for a series 1. The tip is polished stainless steel, which should last much longer than the original chrome tips.

I finally finished most of my other projects and I can dedicate more time to this Jaguar. I polished the paint ... it looks great! Started to detail the engine compartment. It looks a little dirty since it is now full of polishing compound. The rechromed bumpers are back on the car. Started to install Dynamat on the interior floors and around the tunnel. Next step is to finish the Dynamat, put the soft top frame, and then install the interior. Hopefully I will get everything done by the end of the year.

All three carbs were fitted with Grose jets. These jets are much more reliable than the standard needle jets.

Dynamat is much ore efficient insulator and sound deadner than the original jute. Another benefit is that it will not attract moister as jute.

Original bumpers received new chrome.

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