1967 Jaguar e-type series 1 4.2 roadster - page 2

December 4, 2009. It really is amazing how much progress one can do restoring a car when you actually have the time to work on it! I must say that things are moving right along. Several weeks ago I had removed the soft top frame and painted it. It was now time to do the headboard, re-assemble the frame and reattach it to the soft top. The headboard came out looking quite nice. It was restored using the original type of beige cloth and new leather straps were installed. Next step was to finish installing the Dynamat on the tub and foam on the inner sills. The inner sills and rear areas were then recovered.

December 11, 2009. Much more of the interior has been completed. The boot has been completed. Still need to do the door panels.

December 15, 2009. Car goes up on the lift. Undercarriage looks good and clean.

The front right upper ball joint had some play and was replaced. The brakes were also done.

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