1968 Jaguar series 1.5 E-type Roadster

  • VIN: 1E17819
  • Engine: 7E17411-9
  • Body: 4E9771
  • Gearbox: KE1362
  • Mileage: 47,400

This is a nicely restored series 1.5 XKE roadster that is ready to shown or simply driven and enjoyed. The original color of Ascot Fawn is rather unusual and complements the lines of the e type extremely well. It is one of those colors which is difficult to describe and photograph, but looks extremely good on the car. The color is similar to almond but with a slight grey tint to it. The paint and body are in excellent condition with great door and bonnet gaps. Body is straight and rust free; just look at the trunk (boot) floor ... it looks like new. There are no signs of prior accident damage and the car's serial number is still visible on the suspension sub-frame, which indicates this part has not been replaced. If you have been looking for a XKE that stands out even in a crowd of other Jags, this is the car for you!

The car was painted in 2004 to very high standards, there are no dents or scratches in the body. Wire wheels and Dunlop tires are like new. All the chrome is in show condition. Engine compartment is very nicely detailed. Front suspension was recently serviced with the following parts new or rebuilt: upper & lower ball joints; tie rod ends and steering rack boots; all new cooling and heating hoses.

Tan leather interior is in excellent condition; leather is soft and there are no rips. New soft top is black canvas and was recently installed, back plastic is crystal clear. Mechanically the 4.2 liter engine is strong with superb oil pressure (50 psi+) and no exhaust smoke. Gearbox shifts smoothly. Carburetors were recently rebuilt. Includes owner's manual, jack with bag, knock-off hammer, knock off tool, and boot cover for when the soft top is down.

The engine is matching number and a Jaguar Heritage Certificate which certifies the numbers is included. Click here for a photo of the data plate. Note: The Jaguar Heritage Certificate is created by the Jaguar Factory and certifies that this car is indeed a matching number example and that the Ascot Fawn color is also correct for this car. When buying a restored Jaguar always insist on the owner providing you a Heritage Certificate, there are many cars advertised as matching numbers and "correct" which are not.

The 1968 e-type was created at a time when Jaguar was in transition between the earlier series 1 and the series 2 which started in 1969. Although not an official Jaguar designation, these cars are normally referred to as series 1.5 since they incorporate components from both series. I like the series 1.5 since it retains the classic lines of the early e-types, with the smaller bumpers and taillights, but have the improved engine cooling and interior seats of the series 2 cars. The improved cooling and seats make the car much more livable with modern day traffic. The gearbox also was improved making it easier to shift than the box used in earlier cars. Some people have retrofitted the triple carbs from a 1967 and earlier e-type to a 1968 (which is easy to do) to end up with probably the best e-type Jaguar created. This combination was available for the 1968 model year in many countries outside of the USA.


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