1968 Jaguar type series 1.5 roadster

VIN: 1E16241

The 1968 Jaguar E-Type OTS Roadster is known as a series 1.5 although Jaguar never used that designation. It is essentially the same car as a 1967 but with some engine modifications to help it meet the emission requirements that were being implemented. The exterior was identical to a late series 1 1967 model; with the small bumpers and tail lights over the bumpers.

This Jaguar e-type was purchased by a friend that lives only 30 minutes from me in 2015 from a dealer in Beverly Hills, California. As can be seen in the photos this car had a comprehensive restoration several years ago. I would say the restoration was done 10 to 15 years ago. The undercarriage is very clean and rust free. Originally this car would have been fitted with two Stromberg carburetors to meet USA emission requirements. At some point they were replaced with the proper triple SUs carburetors, intake manifold and air cleaner which would have been fitted on European models of the series 1.5. This returns the car to the performance levels of a series 1 car.

The engine number corresponds to a 1968 e-type but does not match the number on the Heritage Certificate. Perhaps the Jaguar records are incorrect. All the other numbers match and the car was originally British Racing Green, as it is today. The interior was originally black and was redone in tan, which I like much better. As you can see in the photos the interior is in very good condition. I just completed a major maintenance service on the car. While checking the engine's compression I discovered that one cylinder was low (75 psi) which required the removal of the cylinder head to rectify the situation. All intake valves were replaced and valve clearances properly adjusted. The engine runs excellent with nice even compression of 150 psi in each cylinder. Oil pressure is also excellent with over 40 psi.

The major service consisted of the following:

  • Replaced intake valves and adjusted intake and exhaust valve clearances
  • Rebuild all three SU carbs- rebuilt the rear brake calipers
  • Replace all the cooling hoses and clamps- replaced the clutch slave cylinder
  • Flushed and replaced the brake fluid (Castrol LMA)
  • Replaced the rear brake hose
  • Flushed the radiator and engine block
  • New coolant (Prestone with distilled water 50%/50%)
  • Replaced fuel pump
  • Replaced fuel filter and seal- replaced air filter
  • Replaced transmission oil with Redline synthetic (MT-90)
  • Replaced engine oil and filter (Castrol 20-50W)
  • Replaced differential oil (Castrol 80-90W)
  • Sorted out all the electricals, even the clock now works
  • Greased all the U-joints (Mystic synthetic grease)


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