1969 Jaguar E-type Roadster

Serial Number 1R9752

This is a very clean matching numbers Jaguar XKE roadster which I have known for some years. In 1985 I bought this car from a gentleman in the Atlanta area and had it striped and painted. The car was then sold to a good friend who loved it for 15 years .... he is now getting ready for retirement and the car is now back in my possesion. As far as I can tell this car has always been in the Atlanta area, which probably explains why there has never been any rust. The signal red paint still looks quite good after 15 years, although not perfect. The engine had been rebuilt 6K miles before I bought it in 1985, my friend only put 5K the years he owned it as he only used it for weekend pleasure. Engine runs cool, has good oil pressure and sounds good. The wire wheels and tires were replaced a few years ago and are in like new condition. Car won second place trophy in October 2000 at the Atlanta Jaguar Society Concourse D'Elegance scoring 90 points. I consider this to be a clear driver and not a show car. Ready to be enjoyed having just completed a major service.

The leather seats were recently redone using the correct materials and patterns. Notice the proper shift knob and Philips AM/FM/SW radio. Wood steering wheel is in very good condition, all gauges (except clock) are in working order. Even the rare passenger foot rest is included.
The boot (trunk) is nicely finished in the beige hardura as per original. The wood panels are in very good condition and the boot floor is very solid. The spare wire wheel and tire are new and never been used. An original owners manual, lubrication chart and plastic pouch are included. Also, an original dealer sales brochure for 1969. The car is fitted with the more attractive winged wire wheel knockoffs. Changes in US regulation forced Jaguar to stop exporting cars to the US with these knock offs after 1968. Included is also a set of the non-winged knock offs with the removal tool. Also included is the hood cover for the convertible top when down.

The matching number 6 cylinder 4.2 liter engine runs smooth without any smoke.The engine does not leak any oil (something must be wrong !). The alternator, battery and starter have been replaced in the last two years. I just replaced all cooling and heater hoses and had the radiator professionally cleaned. The ignition was redone using the proper Champion connectors. The rear suspension was rebuilt, including replacing the rear brake rotors, a
few years ago and nicely detailed. Working on the rear suspension is a major job and definetely a big plus for this car. Brakes are in very good condition and fitted with DOT 5 silicon brake fluid.

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