1970 Jaguar E-type Roadster

VIN: 1R12292
Engine: 7R10094-9
Body: 4R6754
Gearbox: KE11365

Mileage: 53,930

This is a nice XKE roadster that is ready to be driven and enjoyed. It has the very attractive Regency Red (burgundy) exterior with biscuit leather and black soft top. The paint is in very good condition without any dings or scratches. During painting all the chrome was removed and the rubber seals were replaced. Panel fit is very good with very good door and bonnet gaps. There are no signs of serious prior accident damage or rust problems, and the car's serial number is stamped on the suspension sub-frame. Note: the factory always stamped the e-type's VIN number on the cross member just above teh right shock absorber. A car that does not have this serial number (or it does not match the data plate) might be an indication that the car was involved in a collision and this part had to be replaced.

This is a matching number car, the paint and interior colors are the original as it left the factory; this car qualifies for a Jaguar Heritage Certificate.

Chrome bumpers and trim are very good, and so are the chrome wire wheels with new chrome spinners. Tires are Michelin, proper size 185 x 15.Rear tires show wear and should be replaced soon. Engine compartment is very clean and components (alternator, relays, etc) are the original. The car was originally equipped with air conditioner but the compressor and condenser have been removed. The original AC was rather inefficient (probably the reason the components were removed). There is now a retrofit kit that uses a modern rotary compressor and the new R134a refrigerant. Although I am not a big fan of the AC on the XKE roadster (I normally drive them with the top down anyway) updating this car to the a modern AC would be rather easy since the car already has the difficult to obtain parts such as the unique radio console and backwards mounted alternator, which were only fitted to the cars that had factory AC. The kit is designed to use the original evaporator (the part inside the car), thereby maintaining the original look. More information on the AC kit is available by visiting www.retroair.com.

The biscuit leather interior is in very good condition as is the dash top. The back plastic is on the soft top is crystal clear. Carpet is very good as are the door panels..The boot cover (for when the soft top is down) is included. Overall the interior looks quite nice.

Mechanically the 4.2 liter engine is strong with superb oil pressure (50 psi+) and no exhaust smoke. Gearbox shifts smoothly. Engine sounds great!. Electric radiator fans are in working order, car runs cool. Includes original owner's manual, maintenance booklet, lubrication chart, jack with bag, knock-off hammer, spare tire and boot cover for when the soft top is down.

This is a very attractive and proper XKE suitable for pleasure driving and local shows.

This car is currently under contract

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Trunk floor in excellent condition. Includes original tools and book.

Engine is matching number, compartment is very clean and proper
Excellent oil pressure, car runs cool.

Very good bonnet and doors fit.

All the chrome were removed and the rubber seals were replaced when the car was painted

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