1971 Jaguar 4.2 liter e-type fixed head coupe (not a 2+2)

  • Car No: 2R28675
  • Engine: 7R13849-9
  • Gearbox: KE16228
  • Body: 4R24762
  • Mileage: 50,567

1971 was the last year of the 6 cylinder e-type and the only year in which Jaguar produced both the inline 6 and V12 cars. Very few 1971 6 cylinder models were build and can be easily identified as they are the only year leaping Jaguars were attached to each side of the bonnet. Another uniqueness to the 71 models is a chrome surround inside the bonnet opening. This chrome piece is impossible to find, therefore it is key that on this car this piece is in good condition. In all XKE coupes another part many times missing, and very hard to obtain, is the chrome around the rear hatch glass ... on this car that chrome piece is in very good condition.

This is a matching numbers car. This body on this Jaguar is superb. There is no rust or accident damage, even the bottom are the doors are rust free (see photo). The bonnet lower valance (which is many times full of bondo) is also in excellent condition. The body gaps are very good. This is an un-restored car and the paint is old. It looks okay from 20 feet buy up close you can see where the Olde English white paint has cracked (see photo). I suspect some of the paint is the original. The black interior is all original and in very good condition, there are no rips or cracks on the leather.

Mechanically the engine runs very good with excellent oil pressure. Clutch and gearbox are in excellent working order, so are the brakes. The gauges, including the clock, are working. The heater fan motor is not working, the other accessories (wipers, headlights, interior lights ... are working). There is a little engine oil leak (this is rather common on a Jaguar). The car has factory AC and everything is connected, except the compressor belt. I do not know the condition of the AC.

The glass and chrome are very good. The wire wheels are also very good as are the tires. The engine compartment is unmolested and proper.

This is a car that can be enjoyed as is and made better over time, if desired. When shopping for a Jaguar e-type pay particular attention to the body. This car gets very high marks in that area.

Includes spare tire, owner's manual;, jack with bag, knock off hammer, special tool to remove knock offs, electric diagram and large lubrication chart.


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