Jaguar E-type Reference And Photos

"Selecting the Right Jaguar e-type for you" This article explains some of the changes to the e-type throughout the years, their strengths and weaknesses. Useful for selecting which year e-type might best fit your needs. I have owned quite a few e-types over the years which are listered here. You can use these photos as reference if you are shopping or restoring an e-type.

A few years ago I decided to restore an e-type from the ground up. The idea was that this would be the e-type I would keep and drive. Not exactly sure why I decided to do it; probably to prove to myself that I could do it. Once the car was done I immediately sold it since it was simply too nice to drive. Lesson learned;: show cars are not fun to own! Still, it was fun to go through the restoration and a great learning experience.

There are many photos of Jaguar etypes I have owned through the years. These are available here.


There are several great web sites which serve the Jaguar e-type community ... below are my two favorite sites.
Jaguar lovers site: This is the place to go for online forums on anything Jaguar related
Registry of Jaguar e-types:

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