1977 Maserati Khamsin

Serial numbers: AM120 US.1182 (blue/white) and AM120US.1200 (red/black), manufactured 10/1977

The lines of the Khamsin are very distinctive, there is no doubt you are in the presence of a true exotic. The Khamsin is from the "wedge shape" era, and has some very unique features. Notice the non-symetrical louvers in the front hood ... these are more clearly visible on the red car. Also notice the glass panel on the rear deck. Although both of these cars are US models, both have had the original (ugly !) rear bumper modified. The blue car has a european bumper installed, which also requires modifications to the rear glass, tail lights and exhaust. The wire wheels are also not original and come from a Ghibli, these were installed by MIE. I must admit this Khamsin does look very good with wires wheels and they should have been a option on this car. The red car also had the rear bumper removed, although the tail lights are still in their original position for a US car. Although essentially the same engine as the Ghibli and Indy, notice how much busier is the engine compartment on the Khamsin thanks the US emission controls and the Citroen hydraulics. The dash and instrument layout of the Khamsin is simply fantastic !

This car has been sold

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