1978 Maserati Khamsin AM120US1284

The Khamsin was the follow on to the Maserati Ghibli SS and shares the 4.9 liter V8 engine. A total of 100 5-speed Khamsins were imported to the USA and few remain as many have been exported to Europe where the car is in greater demand.

I purchased this 5=speed Khamsin sight unseen on the online auction. The car looked very original and still had the ugly USA bumpers. I had done a bumper conversion before and although it is not a trivia job, I knew I could do it again.

I was extremely pleased when I received the car as the paint, body and interior are in very good condition. An engine compression test confirmed that it was also in very good condition. Clutch and gearbox worked great.

This was a two-owner car with the last owner having it for 25 years. Unfortunately, he did not drive it much during those 25 years and the car just sat. Luckily it was kept in a good. The car retains its original color combination of Rosso Fuoco (red fire) over black leather interior and is matching numbers.

Mechanically the engine has excellent oil pressure and compression, but the carburetors needed a rebuilt and many of the original hoses needed to be replaced. Also, in need of replacement were the tires which were over 30 years old and with serious flat spots. The gas tanks were removed (this car has two) cleaned and painted.
The car now is now fully sorted and even the air condition and clock are working.

The Khamsin recently paricipated in a preview of the Georgia Concours D'Elegance where it won "The Classic we want in our Showroom" award. It has been invited to the 2021 Hilton Head Concours D'Elegance that will take place in November. The car will be driven 7 hours each way to attend the event.


Khamsin rear

In addition to the bumper conversion, which is not a trivial task as it involves cutting with a plasma cutter, the car needed a major servicing as it had seen little use over the last 25 years. The good news is this is a rust free undisturbed car which makes it so much easier to work on.

The work consisted on servicing the hydraulic system by rebuilding both brake spheres and replacing the main sphere, removing and cleaning both fuel tanks, replacing most fuel lines especially the big ones on the main tank, replacing a couple of AC hoses, flushing the AC system and replacing the drier and expansion valve, adjusting the oil pressure regulator, replacing a faulty low pressure oil sending unit, servicing the ventilation system vacuum system, replacing the steering hardener belt, replacing all four tires, replacing the oil tank hoses, rebuilding the carburetors, rebuilding the rear brake calipers, adjusting the hand brake, zinc plating many of the engine components, radiator professional cleaned and engine block flushed, and much more.

Below are a few photos taken of the work done.

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