1977 Maserati Khamsin

VIN: AM120.US.1224
Engine: AM120.US.1224
Exterior color: Tobacco
Interior color: Cinghiale (pig skin)

After the success of the Ghibli, Maserati was faced with the challenge of following up with a model that would be perceived in the market as a step forward. That was a tall challenge but one that was met with the introduction of the Khamsin. Similar to the Ghibli SS it was powered by the reliable Maserati 4.9 liter V8 fed with four dual barrel Weber carburetors. Gearbox was either a 5-speed ZF manual or a Borg Wagner automatic. Unlike the Ghibli it has an independent rear suspension and Citroen assisted hydraulic brakes.

The Khamsin is much more angular and bold than the Ghibli. Everything from the asymmetric hood vents to the tail lights mounted on the rear glass makes the statement that this is no ordinary car. Unfortunately for the USA market safety requirements mandated a major redesign of the bumpers which made USA cars rather unattractive. Luckily conversion kits are available and by now most USA cars have been converted to the look that Marcelo Gandini had intended.

This particular Khamsin only has 23,300 original miles and still retains its original interior. The car had a recent re-spray in its original Tobacco color. The leather is called pig skin and has a rather unique grain; I guess they were trying to mimic the skin of a pig. Normally I am not too fond of brown cars but on this Khamsin the color combination works well, It is a USA version car that had its bumpers converted.
Engine compression is excellent:

  • Cylinder #1 = 160 psi
  • Cylinder #2 = 155 psi
  • Cylinder #3 = 160 psi
  • Cylinder #4 = 170 psi
  • Cylinder #5 = 155 psi
  • Cylinder #6 = 160 psi
  • Cylinder #7 = 150 psi
  • Cylinder #8 = 160 psi

The car has lived most of its life in Reno, Nevada and being in the desert means no rust. Other thing I really like about the car is that it appears to have never been in an accident nor have mechanics "messed with it". All too often I find well intention, but rather ignorant, owners and mechanics modify a car for no good reason.

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