1976 Maserati Khamsin

VIN: AM120US*1160*

This 1976 Maserati is in need of restoration but potentially represents a good project to someone that admires the uniqueness and beauty of this car.

The Khamsin was the successor to the Maserati Ghibli SS. Like the Ghibli SS it shares the 4.9 liter Maserati V8 in dry sump format. Only the Ghibli and Khamsin came with the dry sump engines. The beautiful lines of the Khamsin were designed by Marcello Gandini while in Carrozzeria Bertone Unfortunately the Khamsin came to the USA when every changing bumper regulations were being implemented. The result was that USA cars were fitted with horrendous looking bumpers and Gandini's superb design of placing the tail lights on the rear glass was destroyed by moving the lights under the bumpers. The USA Khamsins were transformed from being a one of the best looking cars ever designed to a heavy looking monstrosity.

This particular car has the two most desirable features on a Khamsin; the 5-speed manual gearbox and the European bumpers. Many Khamsins came to the USA with automatic transmission which takes away much of the fun of driving these cars.

This car has not been driven for over 6 years. I was told the car was taken off the road after narcotic agents searched the car for "white stuff" while it was at a repair shop. Many of the interior panels are loose and the seats are not bolted down, which would indicate the story might be true. The screws that attach the interior panels and seats are in zip lock bags and labeled. At least someone was smart enough to keep things organized!

Condition of the engine and other mechanical components are unknown. The starter motor and alternator were found in a box and are the only two mechanical components I have found were disassembled. Since these are not items that a narcotic agent would normally remove I assume these were removed by the repair shop and may be an indication as to what was wrong with the car when it went in for repairs. Also there is an extra starter solenoid. The odometer shows only about 20K miles, but I do not know if those are the actual miles. The engine number matches the VIN of the car, therefore it is the original engine.

There is some rust on the lower portions of the body. There is rust on the bottom of the doors and rear quarter panels. The left hood hinge is broken and will need to be welded (does not look difficult). There is some rust along the front portion of the hood. The quarter panels are in good condition and so are the floors. The frame appears to be very solid and I have not detected any signs of prior collision damage. The paint in the upper portions of the car actually does not look bad. All the glass is good. Tires and wheels are good.

The interior leather and carpeting are the original and there are no rips or tears. Interior will need cleaning and leather softener but I would recommend restoring the original instead of replacing it. Headliner is good. Dash top is good.

Spare tire is stored under the engine and includes the special adapter needed for the spare tire. There is a box with some odds and ends, such as the metal trims for the door panels and the sun visors. The steering wheel stalk switch is in good condition (this part is known to break and is expensive to replace).

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