1977 Maserati Khamsin

VIN: AM1120.US.1232

If you are not familiar with the Khamsin and need additional information, please visit this page on my website: http://thecarnut.com/Khamsindesc.html

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Only 17,900 original miles. 4.9 liter engine, auto, AC, power steering

The Khamsin was the follow on car to the Ghibli and was the last of the great front engine Maserati GT cars of the 1960's and 1970's. Of all the Maserati models the Khamsin is perhaps the most misunderstood. The engine is the bullet proof four overhead cam, dry sump, 4.9 liter V8 that was also used on the Ghibli SS. The biggest improvement was in the suspension. For the first time a Maserati front engined GT car had a sophisticated independent rear suspension.

Brakes and power steering used a high pressure hydraulic system developed by Citroen. This same system controls the raising of the headlights and seat. Contrary to some magazine articles the shocks are the traditional type and not part of the hydraulic system. The Citroen system is quite reliable but some people have no clue how to work on it and this sometimes has given the system a bad reputation. The hydraulic system is actually quite good and has proven itself over the years. I like the automatic transmission as it fits the character of the Khamsin.

The styling of the Khamsin was done by Gandini, and it is breathtaking! The hood has non-symmetrical louvers and sits low do in part to the engine being of dry sump design. The back of the car gets the most attention with its vertical clear panel. Visibility when backing the car is superb! Unfortunately most Khamsin were exported to the USA and DOT regulations of that time did not allow for the stylistic bumper and position of the tail lights. While it was customary for Italian cars coming to the USA to get big rubber bumpers, on the Khamsin the USA bumpers plus the repositioning of the tail lights
transformed a thing of beauty into one that looks rather heavy. Luckily Euro bumper kits are available and step by step instructions have been posted on the Khamsin Registry website. The kit can be installed by the home mechanic, although there are quite a few steps, and no welding or painting is needed. The bumper retro kits runs for $3000, including shipping in the USA.

I purchased this Khamsin in a package deal with a 1973 Bora, which is also for sale. The body on this car is very nice, without signs of accident damage or rust. Paint is old but looks quite good from 10 feet. There are some scratches that have been hand touched and a few minor dents. Unless you are looking for perfection, I would not repaint the car as it looks good for a driver. The interior is original and dirty. I would recommend dying the leather and cleaning the carpeting. Some of the fuzzy cloth material is probably best to replace. On another Khamsin what I did was take a sample to a local cloth store and got a close match. One of the seats has an open stitch, which is easy to fix by a trim shop. Headliner is very good.

The hydraulic system is all operational and in good condition, including the seat adjustment and headlight lift. I just replaced the main hydraulic accumulator. There is a little weeping of hydraulic fluid around the brake switch but some fluid weeping seems normal on these cars. As long as it does not turn into a drip, I would not worry about it.

Engine sounds great with very good oil pressure. Car runs, stops, and shifts very well. Undercarriage looks very straight and there is no signs of car having been in an accident. I just serviced the automatic transmission and replaced the engine oil and filter, checked level of differential oil, plus replaced the fuel filter. Overall a good running car that needs some attention in the interior, but is the type of thing that can be done by an enthusiast without having to spend a lot of money.


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  • Spare tire is stored under the engine
  • Transmission fluid was just replaced
  • Hydraulic main accumulator was just replaced

Some of the paint blemishes. Car looks good from about 10 feet.

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