1978 Maserati Khamsin

Serial number: AM120US1220
28,500 original miles

This is a very unique opportunity of purchasing a low mileage (just 28K miles) 5-speed Maserati Khamsin that has undergone an extensive (and expensive!) restoration. The Khamsin was the follow on to the Maserati Ghibli, but it had a much more sophisticated suspension, a ZF manual transmission which is far superior and a unique hydraulically assisted clutch which makes it a breeze to change gears. The car is Rosso Fouco (fire red) with a off-white leather interior. It is the original color combination and is certified by factory records. The paint job was completed in 1994 to very high standards with a bare metal respray. The paint is in very good condition with just some minor stress cracks/chips.

The Connolly leather interior is very nice and complements the car well. Body gaps and seams are excellent. The body shows no signs of ever having any rust. Included is a 3-ring binder with over $50,000 in receipts details the restoration and maintenance work performed over the last 17 years. The 4.9 liter V8 engine was completely rebuilt by the Maserati US importer in 1992. I recently did an engine compression test and all eight cylinders were strong and even. The Citroen hydraulic system was just serviced and a new main sphere was installed. All gauges, including clock are in working order. Has air conditioner, which I have yet to test. Overall I would rate this car a very strong #2, without a doubt one of the nicest Khamsin around.

Prices of Maserati Ghibli coupe have dramatically increased over the last few months with nice examples selling for over $60K. The Khamsin is the follow on to the Ghibli SS, sharing the same front mounted, dry sump, 4.9 liter engine fed by four dual throat Webers; but the Khamsin has a superior suspension and gearbox. Only approximately 421 examples were ever built making the Khamsin much rarer than a Ghibli. Also, a significant number of Khamsins were built with the automatic transmission; this car has the much more desirable ZF 5-speed. The Khamsin is a great car, meant to be driven.

This car is ready to be enjoyed. As has been said many times before, it is much better to purchase a car that is restored and needs little to no work. This car can be purchased for less that it cost to restore it! The only thing I would consider doing in the future is converting the US bumpers to the euro. With the euro bumpers, the tail lights are mounted on the back glass giving the car a very distinctive look. Some years ago I converted a blue US Khamsin to the euro bumpers, click here to see the results. Kits, which include both front and rear bumpers plus the back glass, are readily available.

This is a very late Khamsin and was actually manufactured in February 1978; although titled as a 1977 (the Factory did this to avoid having to meet the 1978 EPA/DOT requirements). This is the factory build information:
‘78 Khamsin #AM 120US*1220* - built in February of 1978. The original paint color was “rosso” (red) with the original interior in “bianca” (white) Connolly leather. It was shipped to Maserati Automobiles, Inc.of Los Angeles, CA.

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