1963 Lancia Flaminia 3C 2.8 liter convertible

Carrozzeria Touring in Milan made the Flaminia spiders bodies side by side with the Maserati 3500GT. Both cars employed the Superleggera (super light) method of construction in which an aluminum skin was wrapped around a steel frame. Superleggera was a time consuming and expensive method to hand build a car and the list of cars to employ this method of construction are now all highly sought after ... such as the Maserati 3500GT, Lamborghini 350/400GT, Aston Martin DB4/DB5 and Ferrari 212 and 340. There were very few spiders (convertibles) built by CarrozzeriaTouring using the Superleggera construction method. In fact, I believe the Flaminia spider was the only one made in any significant numbers and even then only 847 were made. Of those 847, 421 were 2.5 liter single carb, 246 2.5 liter triple carb and only 180 2.8 liter triple carb. This car is a 2.8 liter triple carb (3C).

Lancia Flaminias being built side by side to the Maserati 3500GT

The car was originally sold in Italy and in 1967 the car went to the UK. It was owned by the same person in the UK from 1973 until a couple of years ago when a friend bought the Lancia and brought it to the USA. With the car came ownership records dating back to 1967. Before it came to the USA the interior was redone in by Omicron in the UK to very high standards. The engine was recently done and dyno tested by Sam Nelson. One of the things that mostly attracted me to this car was that Sam had done the engine as I could rest assured it was done right, plus I saw the engine dyno tested.

The car has the rare hardtop which is currently in bare metal. These cars look very nice with the hardtop in place. The hardtop trim pieces and rear glass comes with the car.

The paint is old and showing its age and is bubbling in places. If you do not mind the patina I would leave it as is and simply drive it. If you decide to paint the car some of the brightwork would need to be polished or plated, although most is stainless steel.


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