1969 Maserati Mexico - Parts/Project Car

Serial number AM112.570

This is a very late Mexico with a very poor body but with many great parts! Buy the whole thing, use what you need and sell the rest on eBay. I have too many projects and simply do not have the time and space to store all the parts.

The previous owner had the car for 12 years in south Florida were it was parked outside. There is extensive rust on the sheet metal, doors, floors, hood and trunk lid. The Maserati tubular frame is extremely sturdy and even on a very rusty car such as this one the car does not seem to flex when jacked. But make not mistake, this car will require someone willing to do a significant amount of metal work to restore it…. this car is worth much more as a parts car than as a restoration project. If your intent is to restore a Mexico, I would recommend starting with a car with a better body. On the other hand this car is ideal for the person currently restoring a Mexico, Ghibli or Indy .... or looking to convert the wheels of your 3500GT, Sebring or Mistral to the 15" Borrani

Engine: 4.7 liter with 42DCNF carbs and late style heads (single thermostat and single spark plug hole). Complete, in the car and in running condition! I recently did an engine compression test and found all cylinders to be between 140 and 150 psi. This is very good considering this car has not been driven much in the last 12 years.
Brakes: Have pressure and stop teh car. The wheels spin freely. Car has the late style Bonaldi brake booster, same as the late Ghibli and Indy.
Gearbox: ZF S5-325 (same as Ghibli, Indy and Aston Martin DB5 and DB6)
Radiator: Recently serviced
Starter: Recently serviced
Ignition: Upgraded to Allison breakerless
Glass: all glass in good condition. The trim around the glass is included
Wire wheels: Borrani 15’ x 6.5” (RW 4121). Includes the wheel hubs and knock offs ... everything you would need to convert a Maserati with steel wheels or update your car to 15 inch wheels that use modern tires.
Gauges: Smith instruments
Interior: the interior is worn but original and it appears complete
Bumpers: Front and rear bumpers are stainless steel and should clean up
Steering wheel: It has the desirable wooden steering wheel with the trident horn button. The wood will need to be refinished but should make a nice wheel when done.

The car can be driven by its own power to a trailer but given the poor body condition I strongly advise against driving the car at speed. Car comes with a title.

This car has been sold

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