Download Manuals, Brochures And Much More MOCNA Technical Articles CD

A CD-ROM that included most of the technical articles was published during the final days of MOCNA. The CD was authored using Macromedia Director and the software has some limitations and usability issues. Still, the contents is very good and worth looking at it. You can download the contents of the CD-ROM and run the application from your computer's hard drive.

This contents is not to be redistributed or sold in any manner ... it is stickly for personal use.

I tested the software on a Windows 10 computer, I doubt it will run on an Apple. The software is outdated and may or may not work

1. Download the file: and place it somewhere on you computer. I placed it on my Desktop.

2. Extract the files using any of the programs that will decompress a ZIP file (many are free). A director named MOCNA should have been created when the files were unZipped. Your antivirus software may give you a warning or even refuse to extract the MOCNA.exe file since it has no history on this file and it thinks it might be a potential threat. You may have to temporarily disable your antivirus while unZipping the file.

3. Open the MOCNA directory and run MOCNA.exe It is very possible that your antivirus will either warn you or stop you from running this program as it cannot identify it and thinks it is a virus. If this happens you will either have to exclude the program within your antivirus or temporary halt your antivirus.

The Car Nut

4. On my computer I get an error message saying it could not find a Temp file. If you get this message, just ignore it.
5. You should see a Trident and hear the sound of an engine..If you want to skip this intro, just click the mouse.

6. The next screen is the copyright notice.

7. After a few seconds you should see the Table of Contents. Start by selecting Instructions on Using this CD

Navigation is a bit clumsy and printing only works for the page that is on the screen and not the whole article, but the contents is interesting.

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