1972 DeTomaso Pantera

The Pantera was America's answer to mid-engine Italian exotics from the likes of Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini. With an Italian body built by Ghia and a Ford Cleveland 351, the Pantera is an interesting mix of Italian flair with American muscle.

The Car Nut

This 34K mile Pantera came out of a long-term ownership from a local enthusiast that kept the car in excellent condition. Sensible modifications were made to the cooling system with better fans, brakes, intake manifold and carburetor but otherwise the car remains stock. The AC had not worked in a long time so I replaced all the hoses, condenser and fan and installed a rotary compressor. The AC is now using the readily available R134a refrigerant. With its original black vinyl seats and a lot of greenhouse glass having a working AC was a requirement for me. I am pleasantly surprised at how well the AC works.

Engine is the original and numbers match the data plate. The best way to describe the driving experience in a Pantera is as a big go-kart. You sit very low and look up at other cars. It is a blast to drive and gets stares due to its unique design. This car has never had rust or accident damage. I looked at many Panteras and this car really needs to be seen to appreciate the condition and originality; best of all it is reliable and very fast! You can sit in traffic with the AC on and not worry that it will overheat.

Something I really like is that this is a Pre-L car with the small chrome bumpers. I think the car looks much better than the later ones with the rubber bumper. I hate to see it go but I recently purchased two cars and need to make room in the garage. Comes with manuals, original tools, receipts, spare tires with inflator, and the original replaced parts. It also comes with an extra set of original Campagnolo wheels and the original parts that were replaced. This Pantera is ready for Concours and drives.


Contact me at ivan@thecarnut.com if interested.

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