Prior Cars - Jaguar E-type

I still remember driving home in 1980 from work on a rainy afternoon. Next to me in the traffic was a e-type roadster with a for sale sign. The driver had a rag that he used to wipe the windshield as he has navigating the traffic in the rain. I called the owner the next day and he brought the Jag to my house. I thought about it and when I called to tell him I was buying it the car had been sold. At that time I had zero knowledge of these cars and looking back that car would have been a mistake as the interior, and who knows what else, had been heavily modified. A few months later I found a primrose yellow/tan 1969 series 2 roadster and I was hooked. A Jaguar e-type had become my first "play car".

I do not know the exact number of Jaguar e-types I've owned through the years but It is well over 100. This is a working list as I find records and photos of cars I've owned.

Series 1 3.8 liter (1961-1964)

Series 1 and 1.5 4.2 liter (1965-1968)

Series 2 (1969-1971)

Series 3 (1971-1974)

Other Jags

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