Maserati Quattroporte I - Model Description

The Quattroporte was introduced at the 1963 Turin motor show as a more economical alternative to the top of the line 5000 GT. Powered by a V8 4.2 liter engine and designed by Frua, this was the first four door Maserati offered. The exterior styling is rather conservative and not too exiting, nevertheless the interior is very plush and exotic. Early models can be identified by the rectangular headlights, later models had quad headlights. Also later models were upgraded to 4.7 liter engines.

The Quattroporte will always be an unloved model do to its four doors and uninspiring looks. It continues to be a very good value for anyone wanting a true Italian exotic car experience. Make sure you find a very good example as restoration costs will be high and the car value will probably never go up higher.

A total of 675 Quattroporte I were built during the 7 years of production.

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